Legal Disclaimer


Drafting Services

We contract with family law attorneys in the state of Texas drafting documents for their firm. The attorney provides me with all relevant information, client information, prior orders, etc. We draft the initial documents (petitions, waivers, etc.), Temporary Orders, and Final Orders.

  • Drafting  &  Proofing
  • Interviewing  Witnesses
  • Organizing  &  Filing
  • Trial  Prep  (subpoenas/summarizing  depositions)
  • Preparing  Documents  (discovery  motions,  complainsts,  bankruptcy  plans,  etc.)

When  do  you want  to hire  an  outsources  paralegal? When  your  workload isn’t  sufficient enoug  hto  hire  full-time,  lack of  finances  for  a  temp-service/employment  expenses,  lack fo time  to  train  temp/full-time, budgeting,  when trying  to  cut  costs/ovreheard,  downsizing, limited space  and sources,  in  need  of backup,  temporary  extra  support  for  certain  skills,  short/long  term  case/assignment,  substitute, etc.

In House vs Out Sourcing

  • Having an in-house paralegal means you have someone who works on-site, for a set amount of hours, and an agreed upon list of duties. 
  • Virtual  paralegals  will  do  all  work  remotely,  using  electronic  media,  collecting  projects   and  information from  the  firm  AND  client  off-site.

Outsourcing Benefits

  • In Business - more affordable, flexible, maintainable, pay upon need, higher revenue, no overhead expense, increase value of billable dollars, deduce operational cost, immediate support, time efficient, specific skill sets.
  • With Clients - equal expertise being offered, increase in value of service, increased client satisfaction, lower billing rate, decreased legal fees, enhanced client-firm relationship.
  • Personally - more productive, better work-life balance, less stress, more time, virtual availability, maintained professionalism,  larger  client base, building  your  network,  consistent  service,  and  billable hours.


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